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Letter: Schowalter, Hillary lied again

Hillary lied again

Hillary lied again. Hillary Clinton is a proven liar during her 40 years in the public view. Now she has been caught lying on issues that affect National Security. The FBI investigated her private email situation and documented that she lied to the American people and under oath to Congress on six different points under investigation. The emails also documented that she lied about how four Americans were killed in Bengahzi for political reasons. When confronted by these facts she lied again and said she told the truth to the FBI. Now the FBI just found 15,000 more emails, that she said did not exist.

A person with the moral character we need, as President would have dropped out of the race or at minimum took responsibility for her actions and apologized to the American people. How could she effectively govern if we can’t believe anything she says on a policy issue or the next national crisis? More importantly, how can our allies trust her in international negotiations?

Why didn’t the FBI indict her? She acted in a grossly negligent way, but was not punished. There is nothing in that law that says you have to prove intent to be guilty. And if there was lying about a crime, that is proof of intent. The FBI also said she would have been fired for these actions if an employee. Hillary could only get security clearance in the US by running for president.

She wasn’t prosecuted because Obama and the Democrats have corrupted several agencies in the Federal Government. Most Federal employees vote Democratic to preserve their jobs. They are easily swayed on political issues to “punish our enemies and reward our friends”, as Obama said in a speech or they could have responded directly to orders from Obama. The IRS, the Justice Department, the EPA, the State Department and now the FBI are punishing the Republicans and awarding the Democrats. Every one of those agencies when under investigation by Congress has lost or destroyed documents or won’t release requested information without a court order. The proof of this corruption is that no one has been fired in any of these scandals. If Hillary is elected, this corruption and bias in the federal government will continue unchecked and the rights of about half the country will continue to be violated.

Tim Schowalter


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