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Letter: Sen. Cory Gardner does not represent me

I am writing to express my disappointment with my senator Cory Gardner. Although he legally represents me and all the people of Colorado, he does not represent me. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution and has reneged on that oath repeatedly.

Sen. Gardner’s support of President Donald Trump’s reckless and dangerous attack on Iran, his failure to commit to an impartial impeachment trial, and his abandonment of his duties to engage his constituents are all breaches of trust with the people of Colorado whom he was elected to represent and whom he serves.

Simply, Gardner, like the rest of the GOP, believes he works for President Trump and not the people of this state. Gardner is wrong for Colorado. He knows it. He must go. If he doesn’t want to be voted out of office, then he can resign. That would be fine with me.

— Martha Baird, Tabernash

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