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Letter: Servoss, Why you should vote for Andy Miller

Why you should vote for Andy Miller

Andy Miller is the best-qualified candidate for the District 1 County commissioner position. In order to reform our county government and restore professionalism and transparency, we need an experienced, knowledgeable person who can be a strong, independent voice for all citizens. Andy’s more than 40 years working and contributing to our unique mountain communities easily out-shadows his newly arrived competitor’s ability to thoroughly understand the complex issues we face. Andy believes that fiscal responsibility requires increasing revenue at the same time as we cut unnecessary expenses. He has the ideas and knows the key players to help us move toward a year-round economy that provides a living wage, to protect our water, and to improve services to our most vulnerable residents. Andy’s work with the county, towns and numerous nonprofit organizations has taught him how to collaborate and make things happen, even when diverse constituencies and interests make compromise difficult. It’s hard work, but he is absolutely committed to doing what it takes. Please vote for Andy Miller. He truly knows Grand County!

Judi Servoss


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