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Letter: Sheriff candidate’s true colors starting to show

To the Editor:

A former Grand County Sheriff’s Office employee told me a couple of months ago the campaign for sheriff would likely get ugly. Boy, howdy, has it ever!

Thank goodness the campaign is nearly over, because the ads placed by John Stein’s people that ran in the Sky-Hi News last week have taken this race to a place so low it’s hard to believe this is Grand County. If this is the way a man running on his “integrity” and all the other hyperbolic adjectives he uses to describe himself deals with opposition, what will happen to other officers in that and other law enforcement offices around the county if he is elected?

It’s late in the election, so perhaps the majority have already voted. I can only hope the vote was for Brett Schroetlin, because NOW the true colors of Mr. Stein are beginning to show.

Nina Wood


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