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Letter: Sheriff, district attorney should not be married

To the Editor:

After discussing the upcoming election with a friend and reading Jim Campbell’s letter, there is one more piece of the puzzle I would like to bring to light.

I have known Rod Johnson my entire life; he is a neighbor and a friend to our family. After the results of the primary election, I was saddened for Rod and his family.

Then came the onslaught of John Stein’s campaign. I have no ill feelings toward Mr. Stein; however, I do have an issue with electing an official into the Sheriff’s Office while his wife is a district attorney. We, as voters, should know better than to muddle the division of power.

Campaigns bring out the best and worst in people. Promises are made and then never brought to fruition. Mr. and Mrs. Stein can tell us that there will be a clear division in their household, but is that something we can truly trust? We never expected a bulldozer to destroy a town or someone embezzling from the building department; I am sure that if those involved were asked before committing these acts, they would have denied any implications.

With so much at risk, why would we voluntarily put a person into a position where he (or she) would have to choose between work (and the public) and his/her spouse? If push comes to shove, the public may lose.

I am shocked that no one else has brought this up; it seems so very apparent to me.

I will vote to maintain a division of power, and I support candidate Brett Schroetlin.

Kristin Lorenz


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