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Letter: Sheriff’s race — Time to replace the warn out with the new

To the Editor:

Well here we are at the 11th hour of the Sheriff’s race.

First let me say thanks to the editors of the Sky-Hi News and the Middle Park Times. They have had a lot of information thrown at them in past weeks and have done a good job of working through it.

As I look back at the race I think of a CEO (Johnson) releasing the reins of the office to a subordinate (Stein) and then stepping down to that subordinate’s position. I don’t recall hearing of a CEO of any company doing that, have you? To me it looks like he can’t let go.

That also brought to mind what you are going through in Grand County right now — finishing preparations for winter. To many that is replacing the summer tires that have served well but have little tread left (Johnson/Stein). So do we put on recaps (Stein/Johnson) or new tires (Schroetlin/Schafer)?

After watching the coverage in the papers and the ads that have run, I have seen some real flashy adds and some that are not so flashy. Are you impressed with BLING and FLASH? I am not.

So here we are again thinking of the county assembly and the primary election. The people spoke their choice and that was YES for Schroetlin and NO to Johnson.

As for me, I still support Brett Schroetlin and ask that you and your friends do the same.

As we look forward to the future local, state and national elections this year and years ahead, do we keep the same old tires, recaps, or do we go with the new tires? We don’t need term limits, we are smart enough to know when it is time for the new folks to come in when the old ones don’t serve us. Vote them in, vote them out. It is YOUR CHOICE.

Jim Campbell

Grand County undersheriff, retired

Hubert, N.C.

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