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Letter: The government should buy my golf membership, too

To the Editor:

I was amused when I first saw the "war on women" campaign that the Democrats rolled out last election season. Then, I thought about the complete inability to put a stupid idea like the "war on women" to rest.

There are two reasons to have sex. One is for procreation and the other is for recreation. So, if you are having sex for procreation, you don't need any birth control. If you are having sex for recreation, you do. How is it a "war on women" to require women (or their partners) to purchase their own birth control if in fact they are having sex for recreation. If we are as a society going to purchase the means for recreation for people, then I want my golf membership paid for. I am totally against this Democratic "war on golfers," and I will not stand for it. We golfers have always been maligned in the public and it is time for us to stand up against this most hateful "war on golfers." Our physical and mental health demands that Congress immediately pass a law to subsidize this crucial part of our lives. We want the Democrats to stop telling us what we can and cannot do with our bodies. Fund free access to golf for all golfers immediately! Keep the government out of my golf — that sacred trust is between me and my golf pro.

Ray Budisavljevic