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Letter: Thomasson, We want to collaborate on a solution at EGSD

We want to collaborate on a solution at EGSD

After reading the article regarding “East Grand School District officials continue to discuss response to Dec. drug incident” and where Mr. Reeves asked the rhetorical question of, “What programs do we have for kids that are in trouble with drugs but aren’t necessarily in trouble with school or the law?” I would like to offer Luna Counseling’s assistance in answering this question. Luna Counseling has been specializing in adolescent substance use disorder treatment for the past nine years. When I say specialize, this is not hyperbole. Luna Counseling staff has been specifically trained in at least four different evidenced based curriculums used to treat adolescent specific substance use disorders. Luna Counseling for the past nine years has been the recipient of a grant from the State of Colorado to help subsidize adolescent treatment and education and during this time, over several occasions, EGSD has been made aware of this opportunity and Luna Counseling has always been willing to provide services in the schools, our office, or client homes. The only requirements to benefit from this grant are the individual is an adolescent and wants to make changes to their substance use or has been identified has struggling with substance use. Luna Counseling is able to tailor treatment or education need to every client, meaning if an adolescent wants to attend 1 session to 20 sessions, they are able to. This is no shameless plug for our agency because there are many other highly qualified private practice clinicians, including Aspen Wind Counseling, Riverview Counseling, Lauren Stokes, and Dianne Foss, who can support and assist individuals and families with substance use issues. Luna Counseling is just the only one that specializes in this modality of treatment. Grand County Juvenile Services is another resource for adolescents in our county and although they typically do serve those involved in the legal system, they also are there to support adolescents and families in other capacities. Luna Counseling is willing to collaborate with EGSD or WGSD to come up with a solution that together could be beneficial for adolescents, families, and the community and we are available to help design how that looks, because after all this is our specialty.

Andy and Carolina Thomasson

Colleen Davis-Timms

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