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Letter to the Editor: Green

Grand County, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

I was born in 1937 so you know I have been around the block more times than I wish to count; OK, 75 times to be exact.

I was born into and raised by Republican parents and have never voted to far from the preferable tree. Until 2003 that worked.

Watching Bush 2 work his magic during his first three years was more than I could accept and changed my affiliation to the Democratic Party. My interest in politics during 2002 had blossomed and what with the internet being such an asset I found myself spending hours every day at my laptop.

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By 2008 my voting habits had changed substantially and I voted for the young black man that had come to center stage. Obama had a certain appeal which was fortified by the fact that kids he held were putty in his hands.

Dogs and kids have a very strong attraction to people that they can trust. It’s an instinct. Mothers understand this attraction and I also understand this attraction.

One of the first people I met while moving to Grand Lake owned a 99 percent wolf that connected with me and I with him. The owner said that I was one of only half a dozen people that the wolf connected with.

Campaign truth hard to come by

So I think I have some credibility to make some political judgments on the state of this presidential mine field we find ourselves trying to deal with today. Kids like me and dogs like me and one wolf … deal with it!

My discoveries these past nine years have been a real wakeup call. Finding reliable information to help me understand the “market value” of today’s political environment is a difficult learning experience.

The media is not helping in this education. The media is more concerned about their appearance of being supportive of the corporations paying their bills and not the dissemination of accurate news and/or facts.

On top of that pile are the Republican and Democrat parties.

I am appalled by the misinformation that the Republican Party is sending to the people/voters. Romney and Paul Ryan both have severe problems dealing with truthfulness. If they aren’t flip-floping, they’re not being truthful. This in my opinion is a real problem. I also see it repeated weekly here in the “letters to the editor.”

Ralph Green

Grand Lake

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