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Letter to the editor: Hagarty

To the Editor:

I went out Sunday to enjoy a morning of hiking and looking at the fall colors and was so upset by what we found that I had to share it.

We were just over 10 miles up CR 21 (FSR 112) outside of Parshall when we came across a campfire that was still smoking with no one around, so we stopped. We found red hot embers burning and the people who left it had obviously made no attempt to put it out at all. What made it worse was that it was already quite windy and it would have taken nothing at all to send embers into the woods. We all know what would have happened next.

I just can’t believe that after all the fires there have been in Colorado and the surrounding states this year that anyone could be so completely oblivious to the consequences of doing something so stupid. There is no excuse for such irresponsible behavior. I hope that the people who left that fire burning will read this and be properly embarrassed by their reckless behavior. Shame on you!

Lynnette Hagarty


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