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Letter to the editor: Many

To the Editor:

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio recently asked: “Do we want our children to inherit our hopes and dreams, or do we want them to inherit our problems?”

If we give President Obama a second term, we will be creating even more problems for our children to inherit.

Under Obama, we have given our health care rights up to the same entity that operates the U.S. mail, which runs over $1 billion deficit every year while constantly raising the price of stamps. Mailing packages has gotten so expensive that I now send gift cards instead of gifts.

Under Obama, coal-powered plants are closing, even though coal makes it possible for most of us to afford electricity. Under Obama, 11,000 pages of regulations have been added to the burdens that businesses already struggle to operate under.

Hope and change? Here’s the change under Obama:

A gallon of gas has gone from $1.83 to $3.44 (84 percent increase). A bushel of No. 2 yellow corn has gone from $3.56 to $6.33 (78.1 percent increase). A record number of people – 46 million – are now on food stamps (69 percent increase). A record national debt – $16 trillion – has now been reached (62.5 percent increase). Unemployment is up 24.7 percent over January 2009 levels. Unemployment among blacks is up 25.4 percent.

Is this the kind of change that you want?

America showed how far we have come by voting in a black president. Now let’s do what’s best for the country and our children and vote him out.

Bruce Many


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