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Letter to the Editor: Mulholland

James Mulholland
Granby and Denver

To the Editor:

Your letters section renews my faith in America, which has taken a drubbing lately.

While there are some liberal views expressed, most writers seem to be conservative, particularly with regard to our Constitution. Liberals, while sincere and earnest, are under-informed about the fundamentals of societal organization, government, and economics.

Ours is based on inalienable rights that come with birth. Government does not create nor grant rights. The basic right is the right to live. To do that, a person must be free, and must be allowed to own property.

Government’s purpose is to protect these rights; that is, protect us from harm, keep us free, and protect our property. The only government ever conceived that can accomplish that is described in our Constitution, and free-market capitalism is the only economic system that is compatible with it.

If the government of the Constitution is our starting point, and we place it on a political continuum from tyranny/despotism on the left and anarchy on the right, it falls very close to the right end. The center of this spectrum is far to the left, and both the Democrat and Republican parties are left of center. Both parties believe in government to solve any and all societal ills and continuously promote bigger government.

Our Constitutional form of government ended in 1913 with the passage of Amendment 16 (income tax) and the Federal Reserve Act. These instruments granted government the authority to confiscate our property at will, thus essentially turning us into serfs, who labor only as the government consents. Without property free from threat of confiscation, we have no liberty. Without liberty our very life is at risk.

Progressives like being taken care of by Uncle Sam, not recognizing it as a gentle form of slavery. Government ownership of all property is the definition of socialism, and that is what, in essence, we have had for 100 years.

So what is the source of tyranny? Our Founders said it was government and gave us the right to speak against it, to be able to fight back against it in court, to repeal it, and as a last resort, to secede from it or to fight against its enforcers as the Minute Men did at Lexington and Concord.

Inconceivable? Maybe, but maybe not. Ask the Jewish survivors of 1940s Europe.

James Mulholland

Granby and Denver

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