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Letter to the Editor: Norm Benson

To the Editor:

In the “Trails” report I noticed that the “U.N.” Forest Service is proposing to close all the area west of Vasquez Road soon until Nov. 15.

I have some questions. How far west does this closure go? To the top of the ridge, to Elk Creek, to St. Louis Creek Road, or to the Utah border?

Does it lock out the “trails” above the Water Board Road? (Called “Leland Creek” road by the Forest Service).

Has anyone bothered to consider that starting shortly, the Colorado hunting seasons begin, and run past Nov.15? Just how do you propose to explain that?

Or does the U.N. Forest Service feel that they can just interfere with a legal activity (hunting)?

What does the Colorado Parks and Wildlife say? Or do they even know about this? It would not surprise me that the U.N. Forest Service would try to slide this through unnoticed.

If the so-called “stewards” of our Nations Forests had done their jobs properly in the first place, I do not think that the forests would be the mess they are today.

When I was in the service I would have been up on charges of “Willful, Negligent, and Deliberate Destruction of Government Property” if I had done something of this kind.

I truly believe that the U.S. (U.N) Forest Service did in fact, knowingly and deliberately allow the pine beetle to get out of hand on purpose. I know for a fact that the Forest Service and BLM were warned in the 1970s that there was a problem. Not just once, but many times, and from many sources, including the Fraser Experimental Forest researchers.

I believe that at the absolute minimum that Congress should investigate the “U.N.” Forest service, and the BLM, and that charges should be filed against the senior managers of these agencies from 1970 until the present. There is simply no excuse for this national disgrace.

I don’t know if they could have stopped the pine beetle. The real fact is that they NEVER TRIED to stop it in an aggressive logical manner.

At the very least they could have used the mass media to plead their case. They didn’t even do that.

Now they take it out on me. I’m sick of being blamed for their FOUL-UPS.

Norm Benson


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