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Letter to the Editor: Paul Sorrentino

To the Editor:

 In reply to Bruce Many’s diatribe against “rabid environists,” as he calls them, in your Aug. 24 issue: As Samuel L. Jackson’s character said in the movie Pulp Fiction, allow me to retort.

It doesn’t really surprise me anymore to see this kind of mindless hokum being spewed by someone who lives right smack dab in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on Earth: the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Mr. Many’s shallow tirade accusing environmentalists of supporting policies that create more forest fires is reminiscent of the days when an ideologue/nut job by the name of James Watt headed the Department of the Interior under President Ronald Reagan. Watt was a key figure in the “wise use” movement that was code for opposition to any and all environmental regulation, no matter how necessary or sensible.

It’s this kind of thinking that led to the clear-cutting and strip-mining that gave birth to the need for widespread environmental protection in the first place. Even under the ultra-conservative Reagan administration, James Watts’ tenure flamed out in a mercifully short time after he mouthed off attacking the Beach Boys, minorities, and disabled people.

If Mr. Many were in charge, yes we’d have less forest fires, because there would be nothing left to burn. Every square inch of the West would be clear cut, strip mined, drilled, and grazed to bare earth.

Let’s be clear here: Environmentalists are no more to blame for today’s forest fires and hazy skies than the loggers, ranchers, miners, and drillers that Mr. Many rubs elbows with.

Paul Sorrentino

A Proud Environmentalist

Laurel, Md.

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