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Letter to the Editor: Ray Budisavljevic

To the Editor:

In response to the opinion by Glenn Bakken: In the last election, Ken Buck, who was up in the polls by 4-6 percentage points one week before the election, ended up losing by about 15,000 votes. The Democrats used one of their usual big money smear campaigns in the last few days to turn the tide but they also had an ace in the hole.

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler found that more than 5,000 illegals voted in this election. Certainly, that number is a low estimate of the actual voter fraud.

Voting should be difficult. We want people who pay attention to the issues to vote. If you can’t be bothered to have a driver’s license or some other ID, why should you be allowed to vote?

Mr. Bakken talks about how the Republicans want to disenfranchise voters. Really? When 5,000 illegal votes are cast, all our votes are disenfranchised. Democrats fight voter ID laws like the plague. What are they afraid of? If you think only American citizens should vote in these elections, vote Republican. If you want illegals to vote themselves more goodies from the Democratic Party, which is only too eager give these goodies away, keep voting Democrat. When Obama, Ried, Pelosi, Polis, Degette etc. want to raise your taxes and have you “pay your fair share,” remember where this money is going.

Ray Budisavljevic


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