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Letter to the editor: Schowalter

In my letter of Aug. 29, I made the case that Obama’s policy of higher taxes; higher energy costs, excessive new regulations and Obama Care have slowed the recovery. Mr. Bakken responded with no factual rebuttal of the issues I discussed.

He did say that there have been 30 months of job growth. However, that job growth is so slow it doesn’t even keep up with the number of jobs needed to match our growing population looking for work, like college grads. Under Obama we have suffered through 43 months of unemployment over 8 percent. That is one of the longest stretches in U.S. history and this is the slowest recovery from a recession since WW II.

Fourteen economic indicators such as unemployment, gas prices, home prices, percent in poverty, federal debt, etc. are worse now than when Obama took office. Mr. Bakken also said that the stimulus saved 3 million jobs. Obama himself claims only 2 million. Each stimulus job cost $228,000 to save one short-term job and didn’t create long-term growth.

If Obama’s policies were a success I would hate to see failure. Why should we give him more time when he just wants to do the same things that aren’t working like more stimulus, more regulations and more costly green energy that kills two jobs for every one created? Another example of the lack of faith in Obama’s programs is not one Democrat voted for his budget this year.

Mr. Bakken also says that ObamaCare is increasingly popular. I disagree. When it was passed most polls showed 60 percent opposed to the bill and current polls show most voters want to repeal ObamaCare. More importantly, most business that creates jobs are opposed to it as too costly and too regulated.

Mr. Bakken also uses the campaign slogan that if Romney were in charge Osama would be alive and GM would be dead. That is of course pure speculation. The Republicans would have every reason to go after Osama and the outcome would have likely been the same.

GM would likely have come out of bankruptcy in good shape minus the excessive union contracts. Why was GM worth saving when other businesses were not? The answer is: They are union workers and Obama paid off his special-interest backers with billions of taxpayer dollars.

Tim T. Schowalter


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