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Letter to the editor: Shari Burkhalter

Shari Burkhalter
Granby, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at Delia Bell’s letter of last Friday, “Maybe we should feed the wildlife.”

I do understand her concern but there are several things to consider. First and foremost, drought is part of God’s cycle of nature and we, as humans, are not meant to interfere. Second, the bears coming into town getting into the trash is nothing new. Maybe the problem has been a little greater this year but it happens every year.

In response to her suggestions:

• The bears would not learn to forage, they would simply learn to wait for the food to be delivered. And when the food delivery stopped, they would be more likely to either starve to death or come into town looking for the food that they have become accustomed to.

• Human food is very unhealthy for the bears and for any other wildlife that might consume it.

• She stated that someone would need to be available to pick up the food at closing time. What about the restaurants/bars that are open until the early morning hours?

• Who would cover the cost of such a program?

• It is not just businesses who have food outside in trash containers, this also occurs at residences.

The reality is that we are never going to solve the issue of bears coming into town looking for food. But everyone needs to do their part to discourage them by making more of an effort to secure their trash. Put locks on your trash bins, keep your trash in your garage or porch, and use bear proof trash containers. You will never eliminate the problem but you can decrease it by taking away the easy access.

Living in a place as beautiful as ours means learning to adapt to living respectfully and safely with our local wildlife.

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