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Letter to the editor: Support transportation funding

Support HB1242

Grand County, as we all know, is a stunningly beautiful place to live. However, it is also very difficult to get around if you cannot drive on your own whether deterred by physical or financial reasons. Without countywide public transportation, it is tough to get from one end of our large county to the other for work, shopping or other basic needs. However, there is a way to voice your support for improving the transportation situation in Grand County, by calling Randy Baumgarner and your state representatives and asking them to support HB 1242 to increase transportation funding. We have many multimodal transportation needs here in Grand County to improve mobility and access, particularly for seniors, the disabled and low-income families. We are glad this bi-partisan bill includes a pot of money specifically for multimodal projects, because we could really use affordable countywide bus service and regional connectivity here. This increase in funding will begin to address those needs and improve the quality of life here. Again, please call your representatives to encourage support for HB 1242.

Lisa Jonas

executive director Grand County Council on Aging

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