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Letter to the editor: Womack

To the Editor:

Recently we observed the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and the New York Times published an article detailing even more about the negligence of the GWBush administration during the period leading to these horrific attacks.

This article explains the role that the neocons in the Pentagon had in directing attention away from the known terrorist plot in order that GWBush keep focused on Saddam Hussein.

This anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on what happened on that day in 2001.

The value of this assessment is more than historical.

Many of the same people who dismissed the intelligence that bin Laden was planning an attack in the U.S. are now foreign policy advisors to candidate Mitt Romney.

Do we really want to have the people responsible for the worst national security failure in U.S. history advising a president on national security?

I think not.

Andy Womack


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