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Letter: Vote for Gardener to replace Udall

To the Editor:

Sen. Mark Udall, the president and many Democrats are big on choice. Family choice. family planning. A woman's choice.

Of course, what they are talking about is abortion — killing the unborn. What ever happened to adoption? Have they gotten that process so screwed up that no mother-to-be wants to suffer through it? When we adopted kids, it took about nine months and they were days old — with no "openness" about it. The fees were about the same as when we had a baby. Now the kids grow old in the system as the process takes years and the lawyers, social workers and the courts all benefit big time.

If Udall is so big on choice, how about the choice of adoption? The choice of doctors? The choice to be insured or not? The choice to pick a large deductible policy? The choice of schools for your kids? The choice of smoke (only weed is acceptable)? The choice to own a gun? The choice to buy an incandescent bulb? The choice to use low-cost coal or atomic power? The choice to honor God?

We all do have a choice this year — for Cory Gardner to replace Udall.

Frank Watts

Winter Park Highlands