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Letter: Vote for public transportation

To the Editor:

There will be an informational meeting at Fraser Town Hall Oct. 27. I highly encourage people to attend. We need to take control of our transportation destiny.

We need better buses, offered year round with better hours. We need a transportation system run for our needs, not just the resort’s. Year-round buses will alleviate traffic, lower pollution and put us on par with other world class destination resorts.

It is estimated that to operate a car costs 69 cents per mile. Having an improved transportation system can offer substantial savings to our year-round employees who need to improve their economic destinies.

Intrawest is still offering a 10-year financial commitment; this is not their way of foisting transportation on us. Having an RTD will give WP-Fraser the ability to get state and federal funds to help support a transportation district.

Ed Raegner

Winter Park

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