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Letter: Vote Yes on 3B

Abby Loberg
Teacher and parent
Granby CO Colorado

To the Editor:

First of all I would like to thank all the voters who passed the technology bond three years ago in the East Grand School District. This has given a vital technology upgrade for the students in our schools. Without the continued support of Grand County residents, we could not provide the high quality educational experience our students receive.

Because of the technology bond, struggling readers in the elementary schools use iPods with recorded books for reading support. Teachers use document cameras to display books or student writing samples for the entire class to review. Classrooms have Smart Boards to project notes, news articles, PowerPoint presentations and tests with remote control clickers. Teachers can easily access electronic data on students to pinpoint instruction depending on those students’ needs. Kids can use computer labs (that now work) to do research, play reading and math games and create presentations of their own.

It’s a technology-driven world we live in, and we are trying to make our students in the East Grand Schools as capable and competitive as possible. Kids are texting on cell phones long before they can drive. They are creating podcasts and Web sites from home in their free time. They have MySpace and Facebook accounts and communicate with people all over the world. We are trying to educate and train these kids for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

On Nov. 3, East Grand Schools will be asking the voters to renew the technology bond at the current level of funding. And, because of the drop in mills, if voters renew the bond their taxes will decrease from $3.61 per $100,000 to $3.42 per $100,000. We are acutely aware that these are tough economic times, and many Grand County taxpayers are suffering. However, we are asking that you consider all the very real benefits that this fairly small tax provides. It is a mail-in vote only, so it is important that all the supporters please Vote “yes” on 3B.

Again, thank you for your previous support – it was important and appreciated. We just hope that you find it worthwhile to continue funding this technology. The results will be our fine young people graduating and being prepared for college and the working world beyond.

Abby Loberg

Teacher and parent