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Letter: Watts

Winter Park Highlands, CO Colorado

Here are the major reasons why I’m going to vote for Obama. I know that my conservative friends may not believe this but:

• Unemployment at or over 8 percent for three years. Slowest recovery from a recession ever. Recently employed are at lower pay. Many have given up seeking work. But it is really for the Common Good or Bush’s fault.

• Home values gone to pot – What brought down the stock market, brought on the recession and crashed our home values? The Democrats social engineering via the “Affordable Housing Act” – nothing down, no background check, no proof of ability to make a payment, 105 percent of market value, banks forced to comply – guaranteed bank losses via Freddie and Fannie (quasi Government Banks) – pure and simple idiocy – but we can blame it on “Wall Street.”

• Gas Prices more than doubled since Obama took office. High gas prices under Bush were horrible but over $4 per gallon under Obama “saves lives.” Obama not allowing drilling on government lands or waters. All in the face of huge increases in demand from China, India, etc. Food and other process are likewise going up – but this too is Bush’s fault.

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• Big cities gone sour – decades of Democrats’ governing put more people on the dole, more crime, more drugs and failing schools, and they will continue to vote Democrat because we know that Republicans caused these problems.

• National Debt gone wild. The Debt had doubled since Obama has been in office but it is the Republican House that is at fault – after all they had the gall to pass a budget (which the Democrat Senate won’t consider), but I’m convinced that it is Paul Ryan’s fault.

• A failed education system – run by Democrats. Their unions donate to the Dems and work for the Dems who vote them big benefits but care little about the kids. Example: U.S. 25th in the world in math. But the real cause is stingy Republicans.

• Obamacare is a proven abortion that two-thirds of the people want to dump. But wasn’t it just what the Republicans asked for?

• Scandals? Nah. GSA wild parties our money? Green energy donating to Dems and getting billions in return and going broke as predicted? Running guns to the Mexican cartels? Libya covered up? Just those mean-spirited Republicans starting rumors.

Yep, all good reasons to vote for Obama.

Frank Watts

Winter Park Highlands

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