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Letter: What is Fraser thinking?

I know that this letter is too late to do any good. I read Bev, Jay, and Melanie’s letter and I decided I had to say something.

I totally agree with their take on the roundabout and rock gardens in the middle of Highway 40 in Fraser!

As a person that drives trucks, a roundabout in the middle of a busy highway makes as much sense as pockets on underwear!

I can’t wait for wide or oversize loads to get hung up in that thing, and believe me they will.

The stone boats in the median are a similar problem, they block businesses, and are dangerous, due to the fact that they also hide people and cars until the last second.

Someone said Fraser is ugly. Well, they are correct, but after the town puts this mess in the middle of 40, then we have an ugly town, with perpetual traffic tie ups.

Has anyone asked Granby or Grand Lake what they think of this foolish notion?

It is going to affect their business, because people will decide that it is not worth the hassle, and go somewhere else.

What needs to happen to Highway 40 through Fraser, is to four-lane it from Rendezvous, to at least County Road 5, put a stop light at Eisenhower, maybe one at County Road 8 or 5, with left-turn arrows that work every light cycle, pedestrian walk signals, and signage that indicates the middle lane is for through traffic.

Kudos to the two Fraser Council members that voted against this monstrosity.

Norm Benson, Fraser

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