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Letter: Why not open Highway 34 to snowmobiles?

The most obvious and easy solution to the snowmobile route to the trailhead is to use the road that is already there, Highway 34.

Rocky Mountain National Park would allow snowmobiles to go up the trail from town, make a right onto US 34 and go to the Sun Valley road at the RMNP visitor, which is where the trail brings them now.

The park already allows bicycles and hikers on Highway 34. Why not allow snowmobiles on the highway? There is minimal car traffic on Highway 34 during winter and the snowmobile season only lasts four to five months anyway.

There would be no more using the trail through RMNP woods, no more fussing and no more fighting over 24 inches of packed snow. The town of Grand Lake already allows snowmobiles to drive on the roads, why not use Highway 34? Require them to obey all traffic laws that apply to anyone else that uses the road and problem solved!

— Alan Funk, Grand Lake

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