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Letter: Winter Park Resort to become North America’s favorite?

It is obvious that Alterra Mountain Co. is taking Winter Park Resort in a new direction. There are several things that disturb me about that direction.

I am displeased to see that there will no longer be a discounted season pass for seniors. Whoever cut seniors out of the WPRA mix probably thinks that the increase is “only $100.”

However, that is almost a 25 percent increase in the cost.

And, when a person on a fixed income gets a 2 percent increase in their pension payment, which is then absorbed by the increase in health insurance costs, every $100 is important.

I understand that destination skiers spend money and, according to WPRA spokesman, Steve Hurlbert, those are the skiers Alterra is trying to attract. That may be good for Alterra but I’m not so sure about what more skiers will do to our lifestyle in Grand County.

Do we have the infrastructure to accommodate many more skiers?

The potholes on US-40 will only get bigger, and the congestion worse, as we have more vehicles driving on the highway.

Will turning “Colorado’s Favorite” into “North America’s Favorite” be worth it?

Linda Wilson, Tabernash

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