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LETTER: Women’s liberation now a dead issue

To the editor:

How fun is the bandwagon? And how interesting that so many women have such long memories.

I suppose we can conclude from such reports that women’s liberation is now a dead issue. Men, being men, routinely engage in sexual innuendo, off-color sexual jokes, and “horseplay” with other men whom they like and feel comfortable with.  I suspect doing so with a female colleague whom they feel completely at ease with may be some men’s attempt to show a similar level of comaraderie; that is, to treat them as they would a male colleague. When it is misplaced, as it apparently was by the subjects of this story, it used to be called insensitive or boorish behavior.

It is not enough to be sensitive anymore, now men must be hypersensitive.

Jim Mulholland, Granby

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