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Letter: Wood

Nina Wood
Parshall, CO Colorado

To the Editor:

Thanks to a request from our county commissioners to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the speed limit on that section of U.S. Highway 40 west of Granby to just west of Windy Gap was recently changed from 50 mph to 65 mph.

The change was probably long overdue, but I have a concern about that change. The curve at Windy Gap for those westbound feels unsafe, even if one follows the suggested decrease in speed to 55 mph. I drive what I consider to be a fairly stable vehicle, but there is a heave in the westbound lane just as one comes out of the main part of the curve that is really treacherous. I find it much more comfortable at 50 mph, which is without doubt why I managed to miss all of the large herd of elk that happened to be crossing the highway to go for water one night last week, right in the middle of the rough part of the curve.

For anyone from out of the area traveling that road in the dark, there is real potential for disaster. There is unlikely an easy answer, but the close call I had suggests further consideration of signage and speed limit in that area is warranted.

Nina Wood


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