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Letter writer should have more appreciation for Grand County second-home owners

To the Editor:

We better just agree to disagree or this discussion will go on for months. Emily Petefish’s recent comments were just plain nasty and ignorant. Unfortunately, Grand County can’t support careers for everyone.

We have a second home in Fraser and come up for as many weekends as possible. My family loves skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, road biking, water skiing on Lake Granby, hiking and just getting away from the heat and bustle of metro Denver. Just because I don’t actually live in Fraser full-time doesn’t mean that I have fewer rights than “real locals”.

I don’t think she fully appreciates the benefits the “unnecessary” second-home owners bring to Grand County. Without the taxes input by second-home owners there would not have been school additions, a new recreation center, ballfield improvements, public golf courses and increases in fire and police departments and shopping options to name a few.

Speaking from my experience, I don’t wear spandex costumes to look ridiculous – I wear cycling jerseys so I have pockets to hold food, phone, or maybe a jacket and padded shorts for comfort and for protection from road rash (in case I get hit or forced off the road by drivers who feel they have more right to the road than I do).

I would love it if all roads had a bike lane but obviously, state planners don’t see it that way. Multi-use paths accommodate many users – walkers, runners, and leisure bikers. Serious recreational and competitive cyclists go at speeds that are only safe on the roads.

The vast majority of cyclists own two or more vehicles so they pay their fair share of road maintenance costs. It’s egotistical to think the roads are only for cars and trucks. Should farmers in their balers or tractors stay off the roads too?

It sounds to me like Mrs. Petefish needs to work on her customer service skills and her open-mindedness. It’s a gross injustice to generalize all cyclists as rude, lacking common sense and Spandex-wearing Lance wannabes and all second-home owners as non-working, inconsiderate, road clogging polluters.

Tracy Johnson