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Letters: GLFPD has no skin in the game over Grand Lake ambulance; Clarification: Trump at war with media honesty

GLFPD has no skin in the game over Grand Lake ambulance

In response to the Nov. 6, 2017 letter to the editor entitled, “Ambulance Stationing in Grand Lake,” written by Martin Zieff, I would like to clarify some facts.

The ambulance is neither operated nor funded by the Grand Lake Fire Protection District and the reason it is being considered for removal from the Grand Lake Fire department location is not financially motivated.

Grand County EMS is the entity responsible for the ambulance and the decision to remove the vehicle from Grand Lake is motivated primarily by call volume.

Thanks to the efforts of the citizens of Grand Lake, and the cooperative efforts of GLFPD Chief Mike Long, County Manager, Lee Staab and Ray Jennings, director of Grand County EMS, that decision is currently under reconsideration by EMS and the board of county commissioners.

David Craig, GLFPD Board Chairman

Clarification: Trump at war with media honesty

Ms. Felicia Muftic certainly does believe that President Trump is at war with press freedom.

She, of course, doesn’t use the word “President,” however.

After comparisons to Tito and a couple to Hitler, she offers a pathetic proof in an FCC rule change and a Justice Department media merger rulings. All of which the leftist will no doubt challenge in court.

I have news for Ms. Muftic: President Trump is at war with media honesty. And if his constant use of the term “Fake news” isn’t enough, one only need to witness the many, many omissions of fact, distortions and outright lies that have spewed from the media since his election.

I would say that the editorial (published Nov. 6 in Sky-Hi News) is at lease deplorable, probably despicable and certainly wrong.

Frank Watts, Winter Park Highlands

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