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Letters to the editor: Thank you for a great 14 years

Thank you for a great 14 years

For the past 14 years, it has been my pleasure to practice medicine in Grand County. I have practiced in many situations, from Native American reservations to universities, but the highlight of my life has been providing care to this community.

We came with a different model of care and were immediately adopted by this wonderful place. Even better, Byers Peak will continue in great hands with Drs. Kelley Glancey and Catherine Hankla (Dunne) running the show. They are a strong pair, dedicated to providing individual, and evidenced based care.

Lindy and I will continue to live here, as this is our home, and look forward to seeing you all around the valley. Thanks to all of you who allowed me to care for you over the years, you have made my life amazing.

– Dr. Jim Kennedy, Winter Park

Thank you for supporting Silver Spruce Apartments

I would like to recognize and thank Last Time ‘Round Thrift Shop for their generous support for the residents of Silver Spruce Apartments. Every year they help purchase grocery gift cards at Christmas time and most recently contributed to the purchase of retro fit kits for our bathtubs which turns the tubs into a step-in shower which keeps our residents safer! When the remaining tub kits were funded by the Grand Foundation, Last Time ‘Round earmarked their donation for portable air conditioners to combat the summer heat. Monica Cary and her volunteers work tirelessly to process all the donated items that they sell in the shop which allows our community to get a great deal on things we need or want. Then, Monica finds financial needs in the community and supports those with the money raised at the shop. Monica and her volunteers truly do serve our community in a huge and heartfelt way.

Thank you Monica and volunteers!

If any of you reading this would like to help, too, please call me at 970 724-3240. One-hundred percent of your donations go to help the residents. Also call me if you’d like the contact information to purchase a retro-fit kit for your home or someone you love.

– Silver Spruce Residents; Marty Pexton, property manager

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