Libraries: Scary Story Contest winners from the Kremmling Public Library |

Libraries: Scary Story Contest winners from the Kremmling Public Library

“The Skeleton Book”

By Garrett Miller

Second grade

There was a skeleton he was lost. He was 5. He was scary. It is Halloween in Skeleton Town. His mom and dad are ghosts. When skeletons die they turn into ghosts. The ghosts go to ghost town. The skeletons name is Skel. The Skeleton Town is the scariest town in history. The houses float in the air. The garbage cans are alive.

The houses are shaped like animals. The cars are smashed. The animals are shaped like houses. It is always dark. The skeletons can go through walls and floors.

They sit on air inside of chairs. Their eyes glow in the dark. That is my Skeleton Book.

“The Two Trick or Treaters”

By Sydney Ritschard

Second grade

Once upon a time, there were two kids and their names were Josh and Emily. Both of them are in third grade. I hear teacher, Mrs. Ritschard, said that Halloween is coming up and we got to think of what we’re gonna do in the Fall Carnival. Everyone cheered. Susie, one of the kids, said that we should do a Cake Walk. Mrs. Ritshcard said, “No, we did that last year.” Emily said, “How about a haunted house?” “Perfect,” said Mrs. Ritschard. “Everyone let’s meet tonight at the library at 7:00 and bring everything you can think of for the haunted house.

“Ring ring” went the school bell for the end of school. Emily and Josh were walking to their houses, talking about what they were gonna bring for the haunted house and what there were gonna be for Halloween. Josh said he was gonna be Frankenstein. Emily said that she was gonna be a horseback rider. Then they finally came to there own houses.

“Bye,” said Emily. “See ya tonight.”

“You, too,” said Josh.

It was 7:00. They went to the library. Emily said she was gonna be the witch who comes out of the box on the ceiling. Josh said he is gonna be a mummy who comes out of a coffin and scares people. It was the Fall Carnival. The haunted house raised $550.

“Wow,” said Emily, really happy. It was a week before Halloween and Emily went shopping with Josh and their moms. Josh got a Frankenstein costume. Emily got a horseback riding costume. Finally, it was Halloween but sorry to pause this story. If you like happy endings do not read the rest of this story. I repeat, do not read the rest of this if you like happy endings.

OK, now we can get back to the story. Well, Josh and Emily are now gonna go Trick or Treating. They are going to Mrs. Kellers house and they got Snickers. Then they went to Mr. Ganz house. Then they went lots of other homes. Finally, they went to the last house and it was a haunted house. Most people were afraid to go in, but not Josh and Emily. They weren’t scared but they were scared of about 200 stuffs or more.

They were ready to go in. They were almost at the door. They went in and Emily looked at a big monster head. Then she looked at Josh and Josh was gone. Emily got worried but she said in her head: I will find Josh no matter what.

Then Emily said, I don’t know which way do I go but she made up her mind and said

I’ll go right so she went right, into lots of chambers and she came to a really weird one and it had a queens crown in it then a mummy came out and almost stole Emily.

Emily remembered she had a cell phone, but before she could get it she disappeared. They were never seen again. Some say when they go by that haunted house on Halloween night they hear Emily and Josh’s screams saying, help, help.

“A Woman and a Soul”

By Mahae Deisher

Third grade

One time, a woman went to a haunted graveyard. She had just gotten married last year. She thought that she would try to get the haunted soul to follow her out of the graveyard. But her family thought that she was going to die or get drug under the soil.

But she packed her stuff up and left for the old graveyard. That night she saw an OK church house she said, “I should settle in here tonight.”

But some people say a group of black cats come in the church house. She had heard that story, but she was not frightened. And just when she was unpacking, she heard foot steps coming up the cellar stairs by the holy priests’ table.

She said, “Who is there?” She picked up her candle and now she was scared. And suddenly she heard her name, “Sara Bellu, Sara Bellu.” Then it stopped and by now she was frightened.

She said, “How do you know my name?” No answer. She decided to take her candle and go down into the cellar. She gathered all her courage up and went down, but again she heard her name calling “Sara Bellu, Sara Bellu, Sara Bellu.” Now she was going down for sure. First, it was silent then a blood curdling scream. No one saw her until the next year. She was seen on her birthday the year after she disappeared. She went back to the graveyard two months later. No one ever saw her again after the second time she disappeared. Some people believe her soul haunts the church house.

“The Text Ghost”

By Sami Seltzer

Third grade

There once was a girl named Hannah. She was texting on her cell phone and a text came up. It said, “Hi, I’m Lilly, I’m supposed to be 8 years old but I’m dead. If you don’t send this text to 5 people then there will be a ghost sitting on your bed tonight.”

So she went to school and the bell rang to go home and she went to go to bed but a strange noise came up when she just began to go to sleep. It sounded kind of like this: He he he he he he. She shot out of bed and went into her baby brother’s room and the noice followed her wherever she whent. Then the noise went: we’re ahah whee ahah. Then it went, Help help just like a little toddler.

The next day the noise sounded like this: come here little girl, oh little girl. No no.

Then the electricity went out and the baby brother was gone. The sister was worried about what was going to happen to her. Her mom had to drop off her dad at work so she was alone. The voice said, “I got your little brother. Come here little girl.”

I-d-o-n-‘t- t-h-i-n-k-s-o. The ghost appeared and it took Hannah. She screamed and it sounded like this: “Help Help Help.”

Hannah’s mom came in the baby brother’s room and the kids were dead. The mom called 911. The cop came to the house. The voice appeared it said: I’ve got your kids, Chasti.

The mom said, “Who are you?”

“I’m the text ghost send it and I will leave you guys alone.”

The mom sent the text and they never saw the ghost again.

“The One-Legged Leaf”

By Curtis Docheff

Fourth grade

One day, when I was riding my bike on the street, I saw a little leaf laying in the spooky forest. So, I picked it up and the stem started to move. Then, little arms started to pop out of the side of the leaf then it started to growl at me, so I dropped the little leaf and ran inside my house. After I got inside my house and into my room, then I looked out the window to see if it was still there and it was not still there it was at my front door trying to get in so I ran back downstairs to block the door so he couldn’t get in. But then I felt a little tickle behind my neck so I scratched it and the same little leaf fell out. So, I grabbed it and threw it out the door and locked the doggie door and the big door so he can not get in for sure. Then, when I was taking out the trash then I heard some like bouncing footsteps behind me so I ran to the dumpster and turned around then ran back inside and my mom said, “Aaahh, there is a little leaf on your shoulder.” I ran to the table and got my water and poured it all over the little leaf.

Then, it exploded right on my shoulder. After it exploded on my shoulder then my dad said, “Well, now that is all over. Let’s go watch a movie.”

“Haunted House”

By Alex Nash

Fifth grade

I’ve been to at least six haunted houses in my life. The first one I’ve been to was in Wyoming when I was 10. It had four real coffins and inside each one was a fake monster. The first coffin had Dracula in it. The second one had a zombie. The third one had a mummuy and the last one had a skeleton.

The sixth haunted house, however, no one could have been prepared for…because it would suck you up into the underworld full of monsters. I got sucked up into a very dark place. I found a flashlight and knife. I picked them up and I put the knife in my pocket and started walking down a hot, bright place. I knew I was in the Devil’s Palace. I saw a demon running at me. I saw a dagger climber, so I jumped up and took the knife and stuck it in the hole and it took me up like a catapult then it stopped.

I saw a bony-looking kid lumbering towards me with blood coming out of his mouth trying to say, “Alex.” That’s my name. I ran out the door. A week later, my friend died and he looked like the guy who said my name in that haunted house.

“The Haunted Cave”

By Molly Scruggs

Fifth grade

As Jen approached the cave, her legs felt like spaghetti. As she put one foot in (Bam!) her light went out.

“Tom!” she yelled into the cave. But, a sudden force started to pull Jen in. “Help!” Jen shrieked. But, she was slowly pulled in by the mysterious force. When Jen was screaming the force got stronger. Jen was gone. Every Halloween something in the cave pulls one kid in, I was one of them.

As every other kid I was trick-or-treating one Halloween night, when I walked passed the cave, I heard a voice.

“Come in my child,” said a scratchy voice.

“Who are you?” I sputtered.

“I’m a friend of your family,” it said back.

“Do you know my name?” I asked.

“Of course, I do Margaret, there is a party if you’d like to come.”

“Can I bring a friend?”

“No, just you.” The sudden force started to pull me in.

The cave smelled of a thousand rotting corpses. I was thrown into a pile of bones.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!” I screamed. Then, I heard a growl. “Is anybody there? I croaked.

I turned on my light and saw a vampire. “What do you want?” I asked.

“What do you expect I want? I want to keep you as my slave.” He spat back.

“Please, I just want to go home,” I whimpered.

“You can’t, Margaret. It’s your time,” he said.

“What about my family?” I asked.

“They won’t even remember you,” he said.

“No!!!!!” I shrieked “Why me?” I moaned “Why?” By then the vampire had gone to the back of the cave to sleep. I was, cold, tired and hungry but mostly alone. Then I heard, drip, drip, drip.

“Who’s there? Who are you?” I barely squeaked. A dark figure danced on the cave wall. I heard music, it sounded like organ music. So, I slowly crawled to the back of the cave. I saw a horrible site, a girl hanging by her wrists. It was not just any girl. It was Jen.

“Jen, are you okay?” I asked. She didn’t answer. She was a pale blue color. Jen was a vampire. The music stopped. “Hello?” Is anybody there? The silence held me in suspense. I heard a loud shriek. The same sudden force that pulled me in, shot me back out. All I could hear before I blacked out was “Run, Margret, run.”

I never visited the cave again until 2006. When I entered, all I could hear was “Run Margret run!”

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