Library Corner: Books written by Grand County for Grand County |

Library Corner: Books written by Grand County for Grand County

Anna Szczepanski
Grand County Library District

The majority of the books on the shelves at your locally library were conceived in east coast publishing houses, printed in China, and shipped from a warehouse in Oregon. They reveal stories featuring diverse characters ranging from a Canadian detective, an Irish housewife, or a homeless man living in Los Angeles. While any well-written book captures its reader, sometimes you want to read something that hits closer to home.

In that case, the Grand County Library District has a growing selection of books that were made here in Grand County. These books capture the stories and places that are familiar to us. Here is a round-up of locally written books that are available now at your library.

“Go Grand! Seven tours thorough Grand County History,” by Kristi Martens. This delightful book is part travel guide, part history lesson as it winds its way through the towns and trails of Grand County, revealing the past lives of buildings and landmarks. It was also designed, edited, and printed locally by the historical association. Copies are available at all five library branches.

“Dirty Laundry: Fraser Valley history told through thru the editorial cartoons of Marianne Klancke.” Marianne Klancke produced cartoons under the pseudonym Corzine for the Winter Park Manifest and the Sky-Hi News from 1978 into 2011, when she died unexpectedly. Cartoons present a simplified snap-shot of complex issues in one witty frame: Corzine’s take on recycling and school funding are especially poignant as those issues linger today.

“This book tells an important piece of the history of Fraser Valley from the 1970s until 2011. People who were here at the time will appreciate the history recorded and the cleverness with which it was recorded,” said Kirk Klancke, who produced the book in Marianne’s memory.

Those new to the community also have a lot to glean from this treasure of eighty of the best cartoons Klancke created. A copy is available at the Fraser Valley Library.

“Grand Beginnings: a life is grand collection” by Matthew Veraldo (also known as Mister V). Speaking of cartooning, Mister V has a book about life in Grand County that captures all the hardship and joy of rural mountain living from Life is Grand, a local comic strip that runs in the Grand Gazette. From fishing tales to legends of ghostly brothels, it covers much of what it means to live in Grand County. This book was printed in Granby; copies are available at all five libraries.

“Killdozer: the true story of the Colorado Bulldozer Rampage” by Patrick Brower. Brower’s book covering the June 2004 bulldozer attack on the town of Granby is the first book following the story from the original disputes to the sensational event that left much of downtown Granby flattened. Copies are available at all Grand County libraries.

There is so much to do locally: shopping, fishing, biking and hiking. Now you can add reading to that list.

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