Lightning stops chairlifts for 30 minutes Easter Sunday |

Lightning stops chairlifts for 30 minutes Easter Sunday

The first thunderstorm of the season hit the Fraser Valley on Easter Sunday.

Around 2:30 p.m. Sunday lightning struck near the Winter Park Resort.

According to Winter Park Marketing Director Mary Woolwine, the resort’s lightning detection system automatically stopped four lifts, “as it is designed to do when faced with an electrical surge.” The rest of the lifts continued operation.

“While this is an unusual situation during winter operation, it is not unheard of,” Woolwine wrote in an e-mail. “At no time did we take a direct lightning strike to a chairlift and our staff followed protocol for this type of incident.

“After evaluation of the conditions using our lightning detection system and weather radar, we were able to begin lift operation by 3:05 p.m.”

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