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Local youth share spooky stories as part of 30-year Halloween story contest

The 2 Fridas, left, by Westside 40 won for Most Creative and the display celebrating the arts by Mountain Parks Electric, right, won as the People’s Choice in Granby's annual scarecrow contest.
Courtesy / Granby Chamber

With a goal to promote literacy and interest in reading and writing, the Grand County Library District has been holding a contest for the last 30 Halloweens for local youth to submit spooky stories. The main prize for the winners is having their story published in Sky-Hi News, along with some “goodies” and a party with ice cream and themed games. The first-place stories were printed in the 10/31 edition of the paper.  The following stories have been published unedited from their original version. Here are the 2018 top stories  from each grade.


6th-8th Grade

1st Place:

The Wall of Spirits by Luci Bruchez

Once upon a time there live an emperor named Qin Shi Huang. This emperor was tired of the Mongolians attacking his city. So, he ordered his men to build a very long wall made of stone that would protect his city from them.

The men got to work right away. The labor was so intense and the emperor wanted it done soon.

One day a old man worked up his courage to ask the emperor for a break. At this request the emperor became angry.

“No one tells the emperor what he should do,” he thought to himself.

In his anger he made the men work harder, especially the old man. That night the old man died. The workers decided to bury him into the wall, his final resting place. In his death he made all the men work harder so the wall would be finished by his birthday. The next day the men could barely get out of bed. That day two men died. The next day three more died. The next day four men died. The next day five men lives were taken and this lasted four more days until the wall was finally completed just in time for the emperor’s birthday on October 31st. The survivors had buried all the men into the wall.

Many of the citizens said that they heard weird sounds coming from the wall. A farmer said one day he heard odd whispering coming from the tower. There was an old woman who walked to her husband’s resting place in the wall and swore she heard his voice. There was a group of young boys who went to try and get to the other side. They said that they heard sounds coming from inside the walls of the tower.

On the emperor’s birthday, he decided to walk on the wall.

As he walked on top of the wall’s exterior, a cool breeze picked up and the ground began to shake; however, he did not notice these elements for he was too deep in thought. He had left his guards at the palace wanting to walk alone for a while.

“Look at my masterpiece,” he thought to himself.

Just then, something arose from the ground behind him. It tapped him on the shoulder. Startled the man turned around. To his surprise he saw nothing. The emperor kept walking. He knew he was going crazy so he better return to his palace. He turned around one more time to see if anyone stood behind him. When he turned back around there was a ghost in front of him. He turned around and tried to run but there was the ghost again.

The ghost then spoke, “I am the old man you worked so hard that he died” and continued, “I have come back to this world to take care of some unfinished business, so have they.”

He pointed behind him and there were many other ghosts. The emperor ran, he ran until he could no longer feel his legs. He looked behind him, nothing stood there. When he looked back in front of him there were four pearly white ghosts. He turned and ran into a tower. This was clearly not a very smart choice because the ghosts flew right inside the tower.

The emperor was never seen again. Ever since that day the wall was a sight of great fear. So my advice for you is, never walk on the original part of the wall. Oh, I forget you don’t know where that is, I might see you soon then.

2nd Place:

The Haunting of the Altair by Tannar Smiley

Many moons ago, deckhand Darwin joined a rebellion to take over a ship known as the Altair. Once the rebellion was discovered, the leader Stuart Watson was sentenced to death by firing squad. The rest of the followers were given a choice; they either were given twice the chores for the next six moons or the more traditional method of punishment, the first mate, Caroline Smith, would cut off their left ear. Only one man chose the traditional punishment, that man was Darwin. After everything was said and done, Dunham’s body was thrown overboard and all of his followers were given their sentences. One week later deckhand Darwin was found dead after raiding a English cargo ship. He was given a standard funeral on board and finally his body was wrapped in cloth and returned to the ocean.

Later that week, I watched as Caroline was constantly looking over her shoulder as if someone was following her. I pulled her over and asked what was wrong.

“I think someone’s following me,” Caroline said, “either that or I’m crazy.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“In the corridors and even on the deck I can hear footsteps behind me, heavy breathing, even on rare occasion a muffled voice,” Caroline replied with a worried look on her face, “and when I turn around or look over my shoulder to see what it is there’s no one there.”

“Interesting,” I told her, “I’ll see what I can do.” In reality I had no idea what I could do for her though.

The next evening Caroline came to me.

“It’s getting worse” she said.

“What do you mean by getting worse?” I asked her.

“The presence is constantly following me… breathing over my shoulder… whispering… I can’t always tell what it is saying, but when I can it’s asking where its ear is and accuses me of having it and demanding it back. I would accuse deckhand Darwin of this but he’s dead,” Carolline told me.

At this point I was incredibly confused. I didn’t know how to help her.

“Go to bed,” I told her, “I’ll have a solution for you in the morning.”

That night in bed I had my solution. It may have been a trick my crazy old grandma taught me, but it might just work.

I needed two tiny bottles and some herbs. I would put the herbs in the bottles and give one to Caroline to carry with her and another one to put in her quarters. It may ward away spirits.

The next morning I woke early, prepared her bottles and rushed to role-call. When I got there I noticed Caroline wasn’t present. I asked a few crewmen if they had seen her. None of them had. I went down to her quarters to see if she was still asleep.

When I walked in the door I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Caroline’s lifeless body was lying with an arm dangling of of the cot. Darwin’s knife was driven through her chest. The strangest thing of all was that her left ear had been cut off.

3rd Place:

Craving by Wendy Eller

I take a deep breath in. Then, let it all go. I lean my head against the brittle railing of a bridge. Finally, here. One place I can relax. Sitting empty thoughts, I hear a twig break and dry leaves crumble behind me. Sitting up, my back ridged, ready to bolt, is when he steps out…


Saying I hate him wouldn’t do justice. He is a terrible wretched creature, his very being made of scam scraped off an unwashed floor.

I sidestep, but hesitate before moving again. I can’t show weakness.

The words slither off his tongue, “freak”

“Please don’t call me that,” I try hoping a subtle approach will help.

“I’m sorry, I just think it fits better than Zane.”

“O-okay,” I mumble.

“Shut it!” he barks. Taking a step forward Jack whispers in my ear, “Why were you even born?”

Stumbling backwards, trying to grasp every last bit of hope in me, he shoves me backwards. Staggering to the edge of the and plummeting at least 15 feet to the shallow rocky botto is the last thing I remember before passing out.

Hours later, awake, all I see is blood surrounding me flowing downstream. My numb fingers, are purple. No time for further examination; must get moving. Crawling through the forest, head pounding, whole body aching, I eventually reach the edge of the forest, before blacking out again.

I’m in a hospital bed with IVs attached to my arms and more casts and braces than I can count when I wake up again. Minutes later a short blonde nurse with a warm smile greets me.

“How are you feeling?” she questions.

“Fine, but the fact I can’t feel my entire body.”

She giggles, “Good”

After months of hospital food I return home. That night the whole experience revisits my mind. Waking up sweating, Jack’s face fresh in my mind feels as if another part of me awakens and Jack is in this very room. Sprinting to the light switch, flicking it on, racing to check under the bed and in the closet, are before swiftly locking the doors and windows. I hug my knees at the end of my bed.

“He’s not here,” but the feeling lingers.

“He’s not here!” I scream.

In the corner of my eye I see Jacks pale face creeping in my window. Rushing to the window, slamming it open and preparing to face death with only a mathletes trophy in my hand, is lost when there’s not even a trace someone was there. After smacking down the window and locking it I rock back and forward on the edge of my bed. Sitting there, I see blood start to ooze out from under the door, so real I can smell it. Yet, when turn my head it disappears. Timidly, I slink over to the doorway. I’m inspecting the dry carpet when someone raps on my door. I grab a kitchen knife and hide it behind my back. I slowly open the door… it’s Jack Smith! I wait for him to mock me.

Instead he says, “Uh… hi.”

“What do you want!” I feel a new feeling creep over me as I await his response… a craving… for…


Honorable Mention:

Shookie and Smile Dog by Caitlyn Corcoran

I was only a three week pup when my grandfather died. So my grandmother took the role of alpha. One day it was my first time outside the den, it was beautiful. My siblings and I played in the grass and mud with my smokey silver coat covered in mud. A month later, I was learning to hunt when I stopped a strange wolf with red and black fur. I turned my head to tell my grandmother but it was gone. Later that night, I had a nightmare. I was in a maze and my eyesight was red- everything red. And when I found the end I woke up, with a massive headache. My mother who was a white and black wolf, told me to stay in the den. When the medicine wolf with a missing eye and white coat came to treat me, my best friend Sashan who happens to be the omega, came in to tell me to get well. That morning, no one could find Sashan. That same evening the patrol came to me and could only utter the words, “hurry”. They took me to the eyes of the tarety, whare I saw that wolf. I smelled blood and flesh, when they stopped my heart stopped. There lay Sasha’s carcass and two perfect elk skeletons. Sadness and fear ran throw my body. The pack haweld for our loss. That night there was great grief, but it seems no one cared about Sashan, but me. That night, I woke to the same nightmare and out of fear ran away from the pack into the woods. I stopped running to find myself lost in a forest of tall, slender trees. Then I heard strange noises, then the only color I could see was red. All I could feel was pain like a whole pack biting and tearing my flesh. When I woke up, I was on edge. I had a tick, not like the one you shake off, but one where you twitch every few seconds. I was still alone. When I started walking I heard a ear curdling scream. I looked up at the tree right next to me and saw a mountain screener. It stared at me. My eyes met hers. I was stuck in her gaze. When she was a paws-length, she slashed right threw my ear and across my eye and mussel. I thought I was done for, but the black and red wolf jumped on the mountain screamer’s back. I ran and hid, I could hear the terrifying screams of the mountain screener. When it stopped, I peeked over the log I was hiding under. I only saw the dried corpse of the screener. The wolf was gone and the scent with it. I started to relax when I turned around, my heart almost jumped out of my pelt! There right in front of me was a two-legged monster with a death stick. It fired. Next thing I knew I was standing in front of the wolf. Now that I was closer, I could plainly see it was a she and was not a wolf. I asked what she wanted?

She said, “I’m Smile Dog. I was once like you till I died.”

I cut her off, “I’M DEAD!”

“Yes.” she answered, “If I’m dead, how am I able to talk and feel?” I asked.

“Look you are a cursed soul, that means you are cursed to walk this earth and never rest, “ She replied, “You are now known as Red Wolf, you are to kill those who get in your way.”

“My way of what?” I asked.

“For revenge on humans, I will be your partner Red Wolf.”

“Wy Red Wolf?” I asked.

“Your fur is stained in blood for the rest of eternity,” She answered, “Let’s go.”


4th Grade

1st Place:

The Phoenix by Addy Pedersen

The moon shone wonderfully. Woo!! The wind was wild. It almost blew the note off the door. Clara was locking the door. Then she saw it. When she read it she started crying. Her parents read it and cried. The note said “If you don’t hand in the money by tomorrow at the old office building you’ll be DEAD!!!” – The Phoenix Her parents were shocked! “It’s from the Phoenix” said her bewildered mother. “Shush” said her stern father. There is no such thing as the Phoenix, this is nonsense.” “I think we should give them the money” said Clara “No we shouldn’t” said Dad. Clara cried the rest of the night until her dad said “Lets all forget about this mess and get some shut eye!” “Yes dad” said Clara. So they all went to bed. In the morning Mom went to give dad his breakfast. She found him dead in the room. There was a note on his pillow. “John was the first to die, hand in the money or weep and cry.” – The Phoenix. Clara woke up to the sound of her mom crying “Your father is gone!” After mom told Clara what had happened to dad Clara was crying as well. “We have to turn in the money, we have to!” said Clara “Clara, we need to be positive and strong like your dad and not turn in the money to that scoundrel!” said mom. “Mom, are you sure?” asked Clara. “You know I’m right.” Said mom. Clara then had gone to school. She came home for lunch and found mom dead. There was a note there too. “If you don’t want to die HAND IN THE MONEY!!!!!” – The Phoenix “Oh No!!” Yelled Clara. She got out her phone and dialed 911. “Help my mom is dead and there is a mysterious note signed the Phoenix!!!” When the police got there Clara was in tears. After the police read the note they said “Stay in contact, we’ll track down the Phoenix.” “Oh and whatever you do don’t turn in the money!” “O.K.” said Clara. “Yes sir.” After school Clara went home, cooked dinner, and went to bed. When she woke up The Phoenix was in her room aiming a well polished pistol at her. She burst into tears. He cocked his gun and shot. It missed Clara by a mile. He had horrible aim. Clara grabbed her phone and called the police. But the police got there to late. Clara was dead but The Phoenix was still there. They caught him and arrested him. They found out his real name was Bob. He had broken out of jail multiple times. Most of his crimes involved killing people and threats for money. They had to put him in an extraterrestrial jail cell with seven hundred guards to keep him from breaking out. Still if it is a full moon, the wind is howling, and there are notes on your door beware because the Phoenix is coming for YOU!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!! Rahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

2nd Place:

The Haunted Doll by Miranda Cruz

Once upon a time there was a doll called Anna. They say the doll lives in L.A. in a haunted house called Willems Haunted House. So I am going to L.A. to see if it is real. When I got to L.A. I started searching right away. When I found the house I felt kind of scared because it was Halloween but I was brave and sneaked in. When I opened the door I heard someone say “he he he” I got scared. Then I was in the house exploring. When I took my first step to go upstairs I heard someone say my name “Kelly” a voice whispered. I ran upstairs as fast as I could and while I was running up the stairs I heard my name “Kelly Kelly Kelly” over and over again. Then when I finally got to the second floor I heard my friends name twice “Anny Anny.” I got freaked out and I went into a room and hid. I heard little footsteps. I tried to be as quiet as I could. Then I heard the door open “creak.” I peeked under the bed and I saw little tiny legs. “Where are you?” When she or he said that I was about to scream but I still tried to be as quiet as I could. Then I kinda poked my head higher a little and I saw Anny. “Anny” “what are you doing here?” I said. She replied “I’m trying to find the doll” “me to” I said. When we were talking I heard those little footsteps again. I said to Anne “hide”! I pulled her to the other side of the bed. I said “shush be quiet!” “why?” Anny said “just be quiet!” I whispered. “It’s the doll!” I shouted “what?” I thought in my head, why would Anne be here. I turned around and Anne wasn’t there. It was Anna I screamed “Aaaaahhhh” I ran back down stairs to the front door. I said “what the door doesn’t open”. I went to the back door I kept hearing noises and my name “Kelly Kelly”. Suddenly the noises stopped. But then I heard a scream “Anny” I said “Are you okay” I ran upstairs but when I got up there the screaming stopped. I got suspicious I screamed “Anny are you there” “Kelly” “Anny where are you” “im over by the”… Anny trailed off. “Anny?” I searched all the rooms and all over the house and no Anny. I got a little freaked out but I kept looking. When I finally got tired I sat down on a chair. I barely sat down and I heard those noises. I heard something unlock and I ran downstairs because I thought it was the front door. I tried to open the front door but it didn’t budge. I went to the back door. I was nervous. I put my hand on the knob and twisted it. It opened. “it opened im finally free” I shouted. There was a fence but I did find a paper that said Anny on the back. It said ANNA I thought for a second. I thought and thought finally. “You just change the y into a a and it spells Anna.” I ran back inside I tried to pack all my things as fast as I could. Then I came downstairs slowly with a knife. I ran to the front door I hoped it opened and it did. I finally was free. I got in my car and said “wooohhoo.” I drove all the way to my hotel. When I got there it was very dark. I went up to my room I got the keys and…

3rd Place:

The Ghostly Mansion by Jadyn Castillo

One creepy Halloween night, at The Ghostly Mansion, kids were exited to go trick or treating and take a tour of the ghostly mansion. The mansion had burned down in 1919 after a fire. Many years later, they rebuilt the mansion and the grand opening was on Halloween. While people were touring the hotel, creepy things started happening. Pictures were falling down and doors were slamming shut. Room 666 was the most haunted room in the mansion. People were not allowed in that room, because in the fire a lady named Debra died in the room. She was the owner of the mansion. She blamed kids for starting the fire so she did not like kids at all. During the grand opening, a little boy named James snuck in the elevator to the fourth floor heading to room 666. As he entered the room, the door slammed shut. He tried to open it, but it was locked. James started screaming for help, but nobody could hear him. The room started spinning and furniture started flying across the room. The ghost Debra was trying to grab him. James tried to get away from her, but he was not fast enough. When she grabbed him, she threw him into a closet where there were alot of other kids crying and screaming. James screamed and tried to escape, but the other kids told him there was no way out. James was crying for his mom and dad. The people that were on the tour didn’t hear anything. His parents noticed he was missing and could not find him anywhere. James and all of the other kids were never seen again.

Honorable Mention:

The Scary Story!!!! by Haylie Freel

There was a man with one cloudy eye and the other eye was real. he had he a knife he saw a kid the kid was sleeping.

He killed that kid and buried him under the house alive still his heart thumped and thumped he was a killer man one time he wakes up scarly. the man with the cloudy eye was going to at him his heart thumped and thumped and thumped his heart pop out. He still was a a a a a a scary ghost. Said the kid the man with the cloudy eye was real then the killer clown appeared he was going to eat the man with the cloudy eye ut the man with the heart thumped and thumped. Omg the man haret burst there was a path thru the darkland full of clouds that must ee where the cloudy eye man lives the clouds said i was ugly cosue i’m not a cloud that why. You need new eyes hahaha i’ll eat you hahaha my heart thumped and thumped cause im frightenedly. Oooooooo oooooo. The man still under there the heart thumped and thumped. he fell out of bed the lights turned off and on. aaah hide hurry before the cloudy man came out and said what’s going on here. we stomp on his head and cut if off one time he ate the heart it was so yummy and good. Aaaaah it’s so dark i was scared hahaha you will ever find me. I hide under my bed they cant find me but just then something has choke me. Then i woke up I was a dog then a skeleton. then i woke up again i was me again that’s good. Its over said the cloudy man. My hands started to eat me. After that the man looking for me again so i’m hiding so nothing to be scared of now aaaah my leg. Help help help my head…… ahhh i think im free yay i’m free there gone

Honorable Mention:

Zombie Prom by Jocelyn Holmes

Once upon a time there was a teenage girl named Addison. She had a boyfriend named Liam. Liam had just got his license. The prom was in one week. Addison was going shopping, and when she was done, she saw Liam get in a car accident. Liam died.

The funeral was the night before prom. The night of the funeral Addison dug up Liam. She made a potion to awake the dead. Addison and zombie liam went to prom. Addison didn’t realize that the potion made Liam go crazy after 30 minutes.

So, Liam turned crazy after 30 minutes of the prom while dancing with Addison. Liam bit Addison first. She turned into a zombie as well. Addison and Liam set the school on fire. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Were all going to die!” Said one girl. Soon the whole town was in flames.

The next day, the whole town was infected with ZOMBIES!


3rd Grade

1st Place (tie):

The Voice by Reo Kato

On a damp and cold night two teens named Fred and Nena were wandering in the woods.

“Its creepy here” mumbled Nena. They stumbled upon a book. They looked in the book and read how to summon a Demon.

“Hm we should summon a Demon” said Fred.

“No” groaned Nena.

“Come on it will be fine and its probably not real” groaned Fred.

“Fine” moaned Nena.

They made a triangle shape like the book said.

“Nothing happens” said Fred

We found a cell phone and it was vibrating. we answered it and a creepy voice moaned

“Im Scary Mary look at a big tree”.

We found a huge tree. We looked at it carefully and whoosh! A creepy girl appeared and she vanished. The phone vibrated again and it moaned

“Someone’s behind you”.

I slammed the phone shut and carefully looked behind me! The creepy girl was there. I put my hand out to see if she would do anything then she bit me! I tried to escape but more surrounded me. I found a open part of the circle. I jumped out and darted home and never returned!

1st Place (tie):

The Creepy House by Devon Mahorney

One night with a full moon, two girls decided to go to an abandoned house. The two girls names where Emily and Lisa. “Ow”! Yelled Lisa. “Wut happenened”? Emily said right before opening the door to the creepy house. “I don’t know it’s like the house just lifted its step and hit my leg”. She said after hitting her leg. “Come on I can look at it in the house”. Emily told Lisa. “The house is empty right”? Lisa sed in a frightened voice. There was no answer.

The two girls weren’t worried as they walked in to the house that was set up for a party. No one was there. The two girls sat down on a couch. Emily found a bandage, she wrapped Lisa’s scraped leg. The girls went into the kitchen. There was a jar marked pickled eggs. Lisa saw it. She reached for one. “Lisa those are eyes”! Yelled Emily. “Come on let’s get out of her”. Suggested Lisa.

The door was stuck they had no choice but to spend the nite there. They walked up stairs to the bedrooms. It was about midnight wen Emily herd some singing. She got up and went to see if it was coming from the closet. She reached for the doorknob. She opened it.

She saw a doll, the dolls hands was covered in blood. There was also something shine in the dolls hans. “Lisa come quick”! Shouted Emily. Emily thot Lisa had come in but she wouldn’t talk to her. The mysterious person grabbed her arm! Now she knew it wasn’t Lisa. “Let go! Lisa Lisa help”! Screamed Emily. Then the person threw sum dust on her. The last thing she saw was the person jumping out the window.

Then Lisa came running in. She asked “What happened”? Emily said “I don’t know and I feel different”. Lisa yeled “Emily your arm is missing”! There was no blood on her elbow. Emily looked down, then she turned around. The broken window had blood on it. She remembered she had to see wut was in the doll’s hand. When she looked at the doll it had an upside down head, piercing red eyes, and a mouth made of what looked like stitches. The shiny thing was a key. Lisa grabbed the key. Then she saw a door with a lock on it. The key fit. She unlocked and opened it. The girls walked in.

It looked like a cemetery. Then out of nowhere kame a ball. Lisa ran after it. Emily chased after her. When Lisa caught the ball something grabbed them and pulled them underground. Know buddy ever say them ugen.

How do I know this? Well I jumped out a window and had a tasty arm snack that nite. BOO!

Honorable Mention:

A Creepy Christmas by Sage Murdock

On a cold Christmas night I was sleeping in my bed and tried to listen for Santa Claus or any creeping noises. I HEARD ONE! So I got out of my bed and I grabbed a big teddy bear. Then I screamed because a portal sucked me in.

I was on a plane with all the monsters you can think of. I landed in Monster Land. I was hungry so a meat restaurant was nere by. I decided to eat there. They gave me eyeball soup and a heavy piece of meat. I could hardly lift it. A dinosaur took the meat. The waiter gave me another heavy piece of meat. I said, “c’mon!” I ate the eyeball soup and heavy piece of meat. It was not good except for the meat. It was good, it filed my stomach.

Next I explored the town. The town had a lot of fairs. I tried all the disgusting candy. They had eyeball soup candy, Frankenstein cake, Goblin Bars and other stuff. I became a monster because I ate too much disgusting candy on Christmas I had a very yummy and creepy Christmas.

Honorable Mention:

The Disappearing Mysteries by Brooke Terryberry

One dark and thundery night Devon, Josslyn and I went to the cemetery and we heard a bone chilling scream.

“OW” said Devon. “What’s wrong Devon”? We asked. “My foot got wrapped up on a chain that is on a grave and my foot is stuck”! We all started to gaz around the cemetery and we saw spiders and spiderwebs. Then we saw a mouse run by. Also we heard a deep voice that said all of our names. So Josslyn and I bolted as fast as we could and hid behind a grave. Then we heard Devon scream. So we bolted to go find her.

When we got back to the grave were Devon was the only thing that was there was the chain that she was stuck in. As it got later and colder Josslyn and I kept searching for Devon and all we found was a peace of her shirt. I picked up the peace of the shirt to show Josslyn and when I looked over Josslyn was gone. I yelled for her at the top of my lungs and nobody answered. It was so cold and I was so scared that I was shaking then I started walking and the more I walked the more I got scared.

BOOM! Lightning struck right in front of me. It was so bright I could see the hole cemetery and it shaped out a person that was holding Josslyn and Devon. So I stomped on his tow and beat him with a stick. Then Josslyn and Devon bit him then he let go. Then we bolted to are house and went to bed. In the morning we all couldn’t find are parents and we said to ourselves “Let’s go found our parents!!”


2nd Grade

1st Place:

Girl vs. Monster by Trynity Typhair

Lilly was a teanager she was happy she loved her life. But she did not know there were Monsters. The next day in the shadows a little Girl a skeleton grabbed her and she was never seen again, it was sad. As she herd the story she was frightened she was not just frightend she was scared. The next day she was in the shadows and this time a zombie tried to grab her. She got away she was happy She killed the zombie and the rest of the monsters were never seen again her life went back to normarl and the little girl was found again, too.

2nd Place:

Once There was a Zombie by Maci Hayes

Once there was a zombie who fallowed 3 kids. The zombie was hungry he saw some kids “oooo,” said the hungry zombie. “What, hu, aaaa,” the kids said. But the kids kept going and they herd it again. “oooo what hu, aaaa” said the kids. But thay kept going and then on of the kids said “I cant go any farther!” “Come on” said one of the kids. “no lets go a little farther ok fine but only a little farther uuuu fine. They herd it again “oooo” “What, hu, aaaa” ya, I am definetly leaving fine. They turned around and saw the zombie and they screemed. Aaaaaa he took off his suit what you were following us the hole time yep.

After all it was just a persen.

Honorable Mention:

1000 Vanpirers by Marcus Hill

3 years latter

Witch Halloween

Well the HALOWEEN SCARE! Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Let’s go to the HAUNTED HOTEL!!!!!!! HEY! Vanpirer you are NOT GOING to the HANTED HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!

Vanpirers attact superheros attact What dose he mean vanpirers? Holy kwakamoly! I cowted all of them. How much? 1,000! Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Hhmh we are to late aaaaaaahh! We win? Superman you did it! And a Happily Ever aftr.

Honorable Mention:

I am Stuck in a Hunted House by Jonny Artach

We open the door Then it slams. Slam! Then we heard Ha Ha Ha From a killer clown and spiret mask. Then we found this office that said “will kill you.” We went in a spirt was controlling the house. Then we fell in a big fat hole that lead us to another Hounted House. Then we sang “Im running for my life so I won’t die” From a suit of armer and a hungry alagator. I’m running for my life so I won’t die. In then I called the poleice.

Honorable Mention:

Goos Bumps by Mia Sato

My mom doesn’t let me go out side. She said that there was monsters outside. I went out there. There was no monsters. Mom said there only out side in the morning and I didn’t bleave her. Then I went outside and she was right there was a big monster. It had Big eye’s and Big feet and three eye’s and my mom put me inside, and the monster wantid food. “I want food I want food” “I want food” I want food. Then he ate us but a man killed him. Then the monster spit us out.


1st Grade

1st Place:

Mechanical Failure by Brayden Cook

After a long day of fixing cars, Tom the Mechanic was finally on his way home to see his wife and 2 kids. As he rolled down the road in his old pickup truck, the sounds of oldies country music played softly as Tom thought about the events of the day.

Tom spent so much time fixing customers’ cars, that he often neglected his own vehicle. While picturing the excitement of his two children when they see their dad come through the front door, Tom heard a surprising blown sound from outside. Tom gripped the steering wheel as his truck’s rear tire was off in pieces in the road. “Must have ran over a nail leaving the shop.” Thought Tom.

In the dark of the night, Tom reached into his glove compartment and grabbed the flashlight. He was hoping he could fix this alone, there was no cell phone service for another 10 miles down the road.

As Tom searched through the clutter in the back of his truck, he heard a loud strange noise coming from the forest that was on the side of the road.

Thinking it was just a deer or coyote, Tom continued his search for the tools he needed. Tom was having no luck finding his tools in the dark but he did notice that the loud noise was growing closer. Tom climbed back into the cab of his truck for safety and looked into the forest. The grass began shaking and out of the darkness crawled two warewolves.

The two creatures seemed to not even notice Tom or his broken down truck. Their glowing red eyes peered into the darkness at something along the other side of the road. Tom followed their gaze to find a buck eating peacefully. Just then, two more warewolves appeared but these two noticed Tom’s broken down truck. They turned and began to race towards the front of the truck. They hit the windshield with a powerful blow that nearly broke the glass. The warewolves broke through the glass on the second hit.

Now there were in the truck with Tom. Terrified, Tom reached for his pocketknife. He was able to stab one killing it instantly. Tom felt a pain on his arm, he looked down and found his arm in the clutches of the warewolves’ jaw.

Tom scrambled through the hole in the windshield, finding himself turning into a warewold. His once brown eyes turned to a bright red. His smooth skin grew long hair and his face took on the shape of a dogs. He though, “This is the end of my life.” Tom’s thoughts faded from his mind. He got down on all fours and ran off into the dark forest with the other warewolves.

Back at Tom’s house, his wife and two kids sat waiting for him, not knowing he would never return home.

Honorable Mention:

The Scary Pumpkin by Carly Wood

There was a scary pumpkin. His name was Thumber. He was scary because he looked like a wolf. On Halloween he would scare you a lot because he would jump out and say BOO! He did not like to scare people, but he was just trying to be silly at Halloween. He wanted to say Trick-or-Treat but he couldn’t remember the words when it was time to say it. Every time that he came to a a house he tried to say Trick-or-Treat, but he just kept saying BOO!



1st Place:

No Title by Gus Hester

Once upon a time there was a girl who found a statue. She put a bell on the statue. Every time the bell rang it turned into a monster. And then we he got in the house – when the girl was heading home; and then he was sleeping and somebody put spells on the cactus and some books and some plates and all the things turned alive and the cactus was huge. And then the cactus and the little girl friend chased the monster out and never saw the monster again. And the little girl and cactus lived happily every after.

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