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Lodge work proceeds in Rocky Mountain National Park

Builders have been repairing the Onahutu Lodge on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, the first major restoration/rehabilitation that the lodge has undergone.

The Onahu Lodge was built in 1945 and was operated as a lodge until the park service purchased the property in the 1960s. It was determined eligible for the National Register in 1998.

The lodge had been used as seasonal employee housing at the Park; however, it was deemed unsafe for occupants in 2005-2006 due to mold and unsafe electrical and plumbing issues.

New improvements will include making the lower level accessible, and the lodge will again be used for seasonal housing and is expected to be completed in 2010, according to Park officials.

Workers on the project took part in the National Park Service Preservation and Skills Training program, which has taught over 100 building maintenance personnel the proper skills and techniques to maintain, repair and restore historic structures in the national park system.

Part of the program consists of three, two-week-long skills workshops held in host parks. Rocky was the host park for the program for two weeks in August.

The group, consisting of 23 participants, performed 1,100 hours of work at the Onahutu Lodge including: log replacement, re-chinking, masonry floor repairs, window installation, interior paneling installation and masonry cleaning. The group stayed in Grand Lake during the project.