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Longtime Kremmling town clerk treated unfairly

Respect: To show admiration toward someone; to show consideration toward someone.

Sharon Cesar deserves respect, not to be blindsided by persons who don’t even understand the process or importance of a qualified person as Sharon in her position as town clerk. Disgraceful, petty differences of opinion should not be dealt with in such an unprofessional manner. Professional courtesy would have been giving Sharon a job performance review and an explanation as to why she was not going to be re-appointed beforehand, not in a public meeting. Talk about being backward.

I don’t feel the people who treated her this way understand the hard work and knowledge that Sharon brought to this position. As the former mayor of Kremmling, I would personally like to thank Sharon for her hard work and the job she has done for the Town of Kremmling over the years. Best of luck to her and her family.

Peg Toft

Former board member and mayor (1986-2003)