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Looking for contract work?

The Forest Service frequently receives inquiries regarding contract work for the government – construction, road building, tree removal, etc. The best way to find projects the government is seeking bids for is to visit http://www.fedbizopps.gov. The site has an online video to guide people in using the website. Projects are listed by agency and area. Forest Service offerings can be found under Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. The site has listings for more than 100 government agencies across the nation, with both small and large projects.

Each project has a contact person to call for more information, and questions can be submitted via email. For directions on how to register for the bidding process, and to get certified, please visit http://www.ccr.gov

People interested in bidding on projects must first be registered, so it’s a good idea to start that process ahead of time and be ready to go when projects are advertised.

The Small Business Administration, http://www.sba.gov also offers many programs to support your small business.

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