Lyndia Burr: Article was in poor taste |

Lyndia Burr: Article was in poor taste

To the Editor:

This letter is in reference to the article about the sad passing of Mike Thomas.

I was appalled that the article was in poor taste. To quote the young girl, Kristin Shoen, was shocking to me. Just because this girl allegedly said this, does NOT mean it needs to be printed. His family and friends read this, and do you think that this is what they want to read?

I understand that it is a “great story” to write for journalists, but to quote that so soon after this tragedy, is a tragedy itself. Grand County may be a big county, but we are still a small community and we are all saddened at this occurrence. To have to read such a graphic quote is, in my opinion, very offensive and wrong.

I highly recommend that the writer should do a public apology in the paper for being so crass and distasteful, even if it was a quote.

Lyndia Burr

Grand Lake

Editor’s note: It was not the reporter’s decision to include the referenced quote in the story; it was the editor’s call. Nor was the decision made lightly. The alleged confession, repeated during advisement in District Court, formed the basis for the decision to hold the suspect on a $100,000 bond and could have direct bearing on what the suspect is charged with as well as her potential sentence.

No one in the Sky-Hi News editorial department considers covering a local shooting death a “great story.” We are saddened along with others in the community by such occurrences. However, in the course of doing our jobs, we sometimes report information that is difficult or controversial. We regret that this may have deepened the pain experienced by friends and family of the victim in this case.

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