Man dies in snowmobile accident near Grand Lake |

Man dies in snowmobile accident near Grand Lake

A 40-year-old Connecticut man died Sunday morning near Grand Lake as a result of injuries suffered in a snowmobile accident, according to Grand County Sheriff Rod Johnson.

The man, whose name is being withheld pending notification of family, was among a group of nine friends and family members who departed Grand Lake on an outing at about 8:30 a.m. About 15 minutes into the ride, near Intersection A on the Grand Lake Trail System, the victim lost control of his sled while descending a hill and hit a tree.

Efforts were made to revive the victim at the scene but to no avail.

Johnson said he wasn’t certain of the exact cause of death, but he was told the man suffered severe head and neck injuries.

Officials from both Grand County Search and Rescue and Grand County EMS were on scene, the sheriff said.

During the past couple weeks, Grand County has seen a rash of snowmobile accidents, “about one a day it seems like since it quit snowing,” Johnson said.

Speed may not have been a factor in this crash, he said.

However, he cautioned, “We haven’t had much snow, and when that happens, the trails get hard and fast. Fresh snow kind of slows everyone down a little bit.”

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