Man sues Denver VA over surgical clamp in chest |

Man sues Denver VA over surgical clamp in chest

DENVER (AP) – A man is suing Denver’s Veterans Affairs Hospital for $15 million after doctors there left a surgical clamp in his chest during a triple-bypass surgery.

No one disputes that a mistake was made but a federal judge is now charged with determining how much the government should have to pay. A trial is under way and could conclude this week.

Sixty-one-year-old Army veteran Richard Kellar had the surgery in August 2005. He says it wasn’t until March 2006 that he had an MRI at another hospital and found out he had surgical clamp the size of a jumbo paper clip behind his heart.

Kellar says doctors told him it’s too risky to remove the clamp and that it’s not harming him. Kellar disagrees and says he has health problems because of the mistake.

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