Management change at Granby restaurant |

Management change at Granby restaurant

Sky-Hi Report
Granby, CO Colorado

The authentic Mexican restaurant in Granby has changed management.

Magno Patino and Janet Bruno, of Granby, now own Jose’s.

Patino, a stone mason and eight-year owner of the business Everlast Plaster, is originally from San Diego, Calif, but has lived in Grand County for 18 years. Bruno, also from California, has lived in Grand County about four years and was employed at Safeway.

The couple hired head cook Carlos Ramirez, originally from Cancun, to see to it Jose’s reputation of authentic Mexican cuisine continues.

The menu has changed a bit, with added dishes such as cochinita pibil tacos, which is baked pork with banana leaves, portas Hawaiianas, Cubanas, Mexican hotdogs, fish tacos, veggie burritos and others.

Although they have taken pizzas off the menu, Patino and Bruno are continuing malt-shop favorites such as chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, burgers and desserts like malts, shakes and sundaes. They have also added fried ice cream to the dessert menu.

Customers may soon see seafood on the menu, such as shrimp cocktails and fish, according to Bruno. The owners also hope to acquire a liquor license for the establishment.

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