MANY – Stop the country’s slide toward socialism |

MANY – Stop the country’s slide toward socialism

To the Editor:

Democrats have given us the massive health care bill, which is designed to increase health insurance premiums to the point that you or your employer will drop your coverage and either pay a fine to the government for being uninsured or get on a government insurance program.

The bill will eliminate annual and lifetime maximums on health insurance plans. Plans will have to offer annual preventative services with no co-pay and without being subject to your deductible. Children up to age 26 can stay on their parents’ policies. This may sound wonderful, but insurance companies can only fund those huge additional expenses by raising premiums.

The Social Security and Medicare programs are rife with billions of dollars of fraud and abuse each year, politicians have continually used those supposedly-designated funds for other purposes, and both programs are virtually bankrupt. Why on earth would we want to turn our health care over to the same government that runs such inefficient, corrupt, and destitute programs?

We need elected officials who will reduce illegal immigration. We can no longer afford to provide jobs, health care, education, food stamps, welfare, housing subsidies, etc. to foreigners who are here illegally. If we simply denied such benefits to illegal aliens and fined employers who hired them, illegal immigration would decrease drastically.

We need officials who recognize that our abundant natural resources can be harvested and used in safe and environmentally-sound manners, and that refusing to use our coal and our wood is economic suicide which will reduce our standard of living to that of third-world countries who have few natural resources.

Elections are less than a month away. It is imperative to elect conservatives who will stop this country’s slide toward socialism and return our government to Constitutional principals. Then we must make sure that those we elect keep their conservative promises. If you’re conservative, vote in November!

Angie Many

Granby, CO

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