Martin J. Woros – Health care reform: Save it for Sunday … |

Martin J. Woros – Health care reform: Save it for Sunday …

To the Editor:

The number of un-insured and under-insured Americans increases every day, this is a fact. America faces a staggering health care problem that left on its own is getting worse, not better, and again reform is about to be put on hold by political dullards.

Can this situation be improved through the legislative process? My only answer to that question is that there are 37 governments in the world who have figured out how to deliver better and cheaper health care to their citizens than the United States does.

The underlining question is: Is America ready for health care reform? Clearly there are deeply held convictions motivating some of those opposed to this issue.

Let us remember the proudest achievements of American political history occurred when those same obstinate impulses were overcome and landmark legislation centered on the principles of the greatest good for mankind was crafted and passed.

Will those shouldering the enormous task of bringing fairness into the American health care system have the courage and tenacity necessary to overcome the opposition and rise to meet this historic juncture? Let us all pray that the good lord has a hand in the outcome, and again, the worthy prevail.

Martin J. Woros

Hot Sulphur Springs

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