Master flapjack flipper ready to serve Grand Lake diners |

Master flapjack flipper ready to serve Grand Lake diners

Frank Appelhans has been flipping pancakes for the Grand Lake Rotary for 37 years. In 1975 when the Grand Lake Rotary needed a fundraiser, they borrowed the Granby Kiwanis grill and started making pancakes in Town Park. Last year, they served about 800 people; this year they are hoping for 1,000. All the money raised goes to the general fund that benefits local charities.

Appelhans has experienced all weather conditions while making pancakes for the 4th of July crowd.

“I’ve seen the tent fall on the grill and one year the wind was so bad I had sausage grease all over my face and clothes”, he says with a laugh. “One year there weren’t enough picnic tables for all the people, so the Grand Lake Rotary started making them. Once a month during a meeting we would build table and then we donated them to the town of Grand Lake.”

Appelhans reveals his secret to the big, fluffy pancakes pictured above: beer. Instead of using eggs, a small about of beer is added to Krusty’s Pancake Mix. Join Frank Appelhans and the Grand Lake Rotary on Saturday, July 4, from 7-11 a.m. for a Pancake Breakfast.

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