Mays are good parents |

Mays are good parents

I just read the article on-line about the Mays family situation with Sammi. I remember how excited Aaron and Erica were when she was born. When Sammi was diagnosed with serious developmental problems, I remember telling a friend how lucky Sammi was to have Aaron and Erica as parents. They are two of the most loving and caring people I have ever met. They jumped in with both feet and excepted the huge challenge ahead of them. A challenge most of us will never begin to know.

When I read the article it made me cry. I cannot believe that two incredibly loving and dedicated parents were put through such a nightmare when they asked for help. One of the toughest things a parent can do is ask for help for their children. As parents we are conditioned to do everything for our children. Sometimes their needs are beyond what we can do and what a heart wrenching decision it must been for them to place Sammi outside their home. I can only imagine how hard it was for Aaron and Erica to make this decision for their entire family.

For anyone in Hot Sulphur to cast such negative judgment is outrageous. Good thing there are powers in the universe beyond them. I hope that the Mays family will hold in their hearts the fact that greater beings then those who have handled this case know what incredible parents they are. These higher beings are also watching over those in Hot Sulphur.

Yes, Sammi Mays is very lucky to have two parents willing to do what it takes to give her the opportunity to have the life she deserves. Peg O’Neill (Former Grand County resident)

Waterbury, Vt.

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