Media have repeated Obama’s lie long enough |

Media have repeated Obama’s lie long enough

To the Editor:

I am fed up with the leftists, lying, liberal, lackey, loony Media endlessly repeating Obama’s lie that claims the opposition proposes to “do nothing.”

Obama did it regularly in the campaign and McCain didn’t call him on it near enough. Obama claimed it in his “state of the union” message and repeatedly in his first 100 days. Let’s just take one example – economic “stimulus.”

The left in control of both houses of the Congress and the White House have spent the last half of Bush’s bailout money, then proceeded to pass the trillion dollar porkulus (while denying there was any pork) and budget spending (while denying the promised review time in Congress) that will double or triple our debt (depending on which projections one uses) while saying that the opposition’s alternative was to “do nothing.”

It has been quite clear to anyone who is listening that the right has been consistently promoting reduction in taxes for individuals and for businesses as the best economic stimulus. The porkulus and budget measures had a grand total of one tax reduction for business. Hollywood threatened to take their movie production to Canada or elsewhere so a nice tax reduction was included for them. No other businesses will receive any tax breaks (subsidies for green energy is not a tax break). In fact increases in indirect taxes on oil and gas were included.

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Anyone who is capable of reasoning beyond their nose will realize that taxes on business is merely a hidden tax on all of us. American business pays the second highest tax rate in the industrialized world. It thus shouldn’t surprise anyone that they take their work “off shore” and a loss of jobs results ” duh.

So while the hypocrites in control of the White House and Congress recognize reality for Hollywood they deny it for all other businesses ” now that is “real change” that the loony left media can believe in.

Frank Watts

Winter Park Highlands

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