Medics meet Frontier Airlines flight in Denver |

Medics meet Frontier Airlines flight in Denver

DENVER (AP) – Medics have met a Frontier Airlines flight at the Denver airport after a child on board was reported to potentially have a contagious disease.

Flight 64 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to Denver landed as scheduled late Saturday afternoon.

Denver Health spokeswoman Betty Rueda says initial reports were the illness may be hand, foot and mouth disease, which can cause fever, blister-like eruptions in the mouth or a skin rash. It is a common viral illness in children.

Airline spokeswoman Lindsey Purves says the 127 passengers were asked to stay on board while paramedics determined the child’s condition. Airport spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone (sha-VOH’-nee) says the passengers were given the OK to be released within about an hour.

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