Meeting tonight regarding blasting in Hot Sulphur |

Meeting tonight regarding blasting in Hot Sulphur

Sky-Hi News Staff report

The construction crew at the new Hot Sulphur water delivery system unexpectedly ran into hard rock last week, so plans are being re-worked to use explosives to help excavate the bench for the new water tank.

A team from Yenter Construction will do the drilling and blasting under the guidance of Gordon Reavy.

By using modern methods for precise blasting, the effort must break hard rock while protecting the existing water tank some 20 feet away.

Seismic consultant Sara Nation will be on hand for discussion and documentation of existing conditions and actual blast results.

Blasting will commence on the south side of U.S. Highway 40 on Monday, July 5, and will continue through Friday, July 16.

Prior to each detonation there will be a five minute and then a one minute pre-blast warning signal. After each blast there will be an all clear signal.

The town asks that, upon hearing those signals, residents and occupants of nearby businesses do not approach the blast area.

Blasting results in a certain amount of noise, air movement and tremors. These effects should not be a cause for concern, according to Tom Gonzales, safety director for Yenter Companies.

All blasting will be done in accordance with established national, state and local standards and regulations that govern the size of each detonation to ensure safety to structures.