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Middle Park Fair and Rodeo results

Horse Show

Showmanship — Intermediate Grand Champion Joslynn Sanders; Intermediate Reserve Champion Esther Thoma; Senior Grand Champion Audrey Wheatley; Senior Reserve Champion Hannah Thoma; Junior Grand Champion Quinn Miller; Junior Reserve Champion Eleanor Sanders.

English Equitation — (Senior) 1. Sierra Jamison, 2. Hannah Thoma, 3. Kayla Davis, 4. Cassidy Davis; (Intermediate) 1. Joslynn Sanders, 2. Peyton Fosha, 3. Haley Miller, 4. Esther Thoma, 5. Penny Myer; (Junior) 1. Quinn Miller, 2. Sego Krempin, 3. Amber Hester.

English Riding — (Intermediate) 1. Esther Thoma, 2. Joslynn Sanders, 3. Peyton Fosha, 4. Haley Miller, 5. Penny Myer; (Senior) 1. Kayla Davis, 2. Sierra Jamison, 2. Cassidy Davis, 4. Hannah Thoma; (Junior) 1. Quinn Miller, 2. Sego Krempin, 3. Amber Hester.

Western Equitation — (Intermediate) 1. Tally Harthun, 2. Peyton Fosha, 3. Joslynn Sanders, 4. Anna Ledezma, 5. Luci Bruchez; (Senior) 1. Peyton McGuan, 2. Aida Hester, 3. Hannah Thoma, 4. Audrey Wheatley, 5. Allison VanBemmelen; (Junior) 1. Quinn Miller, 2. Markey Hren, 3. Sego Krempin, 4. Amber Hester, 5. Chase Fosha.

Western Riding — (Intermediate) 1. Anna Ledezma, 2. Penny Myer, 3. Joslynn Sanders, 4. Luci Bruchez, 5. Haley Miller; (Seniors) 1. Kayla Davis, 2. Cassidy Davis, 3. Peyton McGuan, 4. Mackenzie Moyer, 5. Madison Moyer; (Junior) 1. Quinn Miller, 2. Amber Hester, 3. Chase Fosha, 4. Sego Krempin, 5. Flint Krempin

Trail — (Junior) 1. Amber Hester, 2. Markey Hren, 3. Quinn Miller, 4. Sego Krempin, 5. Chase Fosha; (Intermediate) 1. Taylin Harthun, 2. Peyton Fosha, 3. Blaire Hester, 4. Teagan Bruchez, 5. Luci Bruchez; (Senior) 1. Audrey Wheatley, 2. Hannah Thoma, 3. Peyton McGuan, 4. Aida Hester, 5. Madison Moyer.

Reining — (Intermediate) 1. Luci Bruchez, 2. Penny Myer, 3. Haley Miller, 4. Teagan Bruchez, 5. Peyton Fosha; (Senior) 1. Peyton McGuan, 2. Audrey Wheatley, 3. Kayla Davis, 4. Hannah Thoma, 5. Cassidy Davis; (Junior) 1. Amber Hester, 2. Quinn Miller 3. Sego Krempin.

Grand Champion Junior Riding Events Quinn Miller; Reserve Champion Junior Riding Events Amber Hester; Grand Champion Intermediate Riding Events Joslynn Sanders; Reserve Champion Intermediate Riding Events Peyton Fosha; Grand Champion Senior Riding Events Kayla Davis; Reserve Champion Senior Riding Events Hannah Thoma.

Rabbit Show

Best in Show Overall Grand Champion: Zaria Barrientez

Best in Show Overall Reserve Champion: Hunter Horn

Grand Champion Senior Showman: Samuel Artherholt

Reserve Champion Senior Showman: Caleb Artherholt

Grand Champion Intermediate Showman: Aliyah Thomsen; Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman: Zaria Barrientez; 3. Jacob Barrientez; 4. Hunter Horn; 5. Samuel Cameron.

Grand Champion Junior Showman: Amber Hester; Reserve Champion Junior Showman: Summer Thomsen; 3. Isaac Barrientez.

Overall Commercial Grand Champion Scotty Cameron

Overall Commercial Reserve Champion Amber Hester

Overall Compact Grand Champion Zaria Barrientez

Overall Cyndrical Grand Champion Amber Hester

Overall Breeding Grand Champion Zaria Barrientez

Overall Breeding Reserve Champion Scotty Cameron

Grand Champion Market Pen Hunter Horn

Reserve Champion Market Pen Scotty Cameron

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